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6 Tricks to Make Perfect Rice in the Instant Pot - Every Time

Instant Pot and its ever-expanding line of pressure and multicookers have exploded in popularity recently. Both beginner and expert cooks rave about the ease of use and high quality of the devices — one single device can act as a pressure cooker, slow cooker, saute pan, steamer, and even a yogurt maker. While the Instant Pot is most well-known for its ability to speed up cooking time, more and more users share that it cooks rice even better than top-of-the-line rice cookers and crockpots. Cooki

Healthy Work from Home Lunches You Can Put Together in under 30 Minutes

When you’re working from home, it isn’t easy to keep a healthy diet on track. With your refrigerator at your disposal, it’s certainly easy to snack perpetually. That’s why planning a healthy lunch is so important for remote workers. When you eat a nutritious lunch that will also keep you full for longer, you can fight those snacking urges more easily and stay fueled and energized for the whole afternoon. You can’t have a list of healthy lunches without at least the mention of salads. Your green

How to Cook with Lavender Without Your Food Tasting like Soap

There’s a lot of hype around cooking with lavender. It’s fragrant, colorful, and earthy, giving complex flavors to desserts like ice cream, cookies, and whipped cream. Not only does it taste great when used properly, but lavender also has some health benefits: It can boost immune health, fight infections, and combat inflammation in the body. That being said, lavender is a very strong flavor and too much can make your dish taste a little bit like soap. That shouldn’t stop you from infusing gourme

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