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77% Of New Homeowners Were Surprised By These Costs

Homeownership and interest in buying homes are steadily on the rise. With so many new homeowners flooding the market, hippo.com conducted a survey to see how new buyers were feeling after their big purchase. The survey found that the overwhelming majority of people who had recently bought a new home didn’t feel prepared for the experience. A big reason cited was the fact that unexpected home repair costs popped up in the first year. Here are some details about what today’s new homeowners are fac

The Real Costs of Charging an Electric Vehicle

With the popularity of electric vehicles on the rise and almost 50% of the population in support of phasing out gasoline cars completely, you may be one among the many who are considering an electric vehicle (EV) for your next car purchase. Before you do so, it’s best to familiarize yourself with the prices of electric cars themselves, as well as how much charging your EV will cost you on a monthly or yearly basis. To prepare for your new electric life, check out this guide on the real costs of

What You Need to Know about Home Refinancing

Having a mortgage can feel like a big financial weight. Carrying that home loan for up to 30 years through all of life’s different financial seasons is a challenge, particularly during times where your finances get a bit tight. Jobs can be lost, medical bills come up, and children go to college. That’s why refinancing your mortgage at the right time, according to your financial situation as well as market trends, can benefit you during seasons down the road when money gets tight. Here’s what you

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