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I'm a writer because I simply love the written word and the power it contains. Words can stir you or calm you. Words can convince you or enrage you. They can stimulate or agitate, motivate or deflate you. 

I aim to capture your unique voice and purpose between the lines of every piece of content I write for you. Striving for excellence and perfection in every powerful word, I'll deliver the attention-grabbing content you need, quickly and flawlessly.

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    Live-Stream The Pegasus World Cup Invitational With TVG

    Hallandale Beach, Florida’s Gulfstream Park will host the 6th annual Pegasus World Cup on Saturday, Jan. 29, 2022. Earlier in Jan., 19 initial invitations were sent out by Gulfstream Park for horses to compete in the Grade 1 horserace. The event will have a $3 million purse. Bets can be placed at online sports betting sites, off-track betting retail outlets, and racetracks nationwide. Every year since its inception in 2017, the Pegasus World Cup has attracted winners and contenders from the l

    What is CRM?

    In any business, establishing and maintaining customer relationships is the key to success. After all, without customers, you don’t have much of a business. In order to grow your healthcare business, you need to not only gain new patients, but you also need to retain existing clients as well as increase the services you provide. To accomplish growth, then, businesses need to find ways to be visible to prospective patients as well as remain visible to existing customers. This is the need that CR

    What You Need to Know about Home Refinancing

    Having a mortgage can feel like a big financial weight. Carrying that home loan for up to 30 years through all of life’s different financial seasons is a challenge, particularly during times where your finances get a bit tight. Jobs can be lost, medical bills come up, and children go to college. That’s why refinancing your mortgage at the right time, according to your financial situation as well as market trends, can benefit you during seasons down the road when money gets tight. Here’s what you

    How to Spread Compost on Your Lawn - and Why You Need To

    Do you want a beautiful and lush lawn this summer? While you may want the benefits of a gorgeous yard, you may not want to enlist the help of a lawn care company due to the harmful chemicals they use (not to mention the high cost of these services). The good news is, there are more natural and organic methods for promoting growth in your lawn. One such method is called “topdressing.” It’s a tried and true method that has been used for generations, and it’s sure to give you the lovely yard you’ve

    Why renting an off-road motor home is a must for your next road trip

    Road trips are a great way to travel, particularly if you’re in the mood for a more intimate and nature-focused vacation away from the crowds. These outings are particularly great for couples and families since those hours on the road truly give you some quality time with your loved ones. Long drives, however, can be monotonous and uncomfortable since you’re stuck in the car for hours. Luckily, there’s a way you can minimize the downfalls of a road trip vacation and still reap all the lovely be

    How to build your own home security system

    Protecting your family and your possessions doesn’t have to weigh so heavily on your mind. Having a great home security system can provide much-needed peace of mind, and there are a couple of routes you can take when it comes to installing one. You can hire a professional security company that will both install the system’s equipment and provide monitoring services. These services notify you as well as authorities if a breach occurs. If you’d rather not pay professional prices, you can also go

    Holiday Fatigue or Sleep Issues? Here's How to Tell

    When the holidays come to an end, all of that hustling, bustling, and seasonal anxiety starts to catch up to us. Post-holiday fatigue is a common effect of stressful holiday planning, inconsistent sleep schedules, and unhealthy eating habits. It’s a joyous season, but it has its consequences. How can you tell, though, if your wintertime exhaustion is a result of general holiday fatigue or something more serious? Sleep issues are common disorders, and they can be linked to things like long perio

    Find the Best Jeans Style for Your Body Type and Budget

    When it comes to finding that perfect pair of jeans, it’s certainly a lifelong pursuit. Once you find them, your lucky jeans become a staple in your wardrobe that can be worn as leisurewear around the house, partywear for a night on the town, or even as work attire on casual Friday. While the perfect look, fit, and feel of that perfect denim staple only comes along once in a blue moon, it helps to know which types and shapes of jeans complement your body shape and which ones you should avoid. S

    The best study desk

    Style meets convenience with this compact and simply constructed desk. The simple style blends well with any décor, from a cheery kid’s room to your modern-style home office. At 23.1 lbs, it's small and lightweight which makes for easy setup and moving around if you want to switch up its uses. The use of metal legs and “X” shape support beams, however, that means the desk is also durable for a long life and keeps steady while you work. We love that the wood finish on the desktop is waterproof