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Is AWS ElasticSearch HIPAA compliant?

As a healthcare business, it’s crucial to ensure privacy and security not only when it comes to sending HIPAA complaint email, but also when safeguarding any stored or accessed data that contains protected health information (PHI). A data breach can be a major violation of the HIPAA Privacy Rule, so any software a covered entity or business associate uses must be HIPAA compliant. While AWS ElasticSearch has become a must-have for businesses with large amounts of data to manage, is it HIPAA com

What is the Cures Act of 2021?

What is the Cures Act of 2021? When it comes to medical care, both providers and patients have a big part to play in achieving a successful patient journey. Patients have historically been at a disadvantage in taking control of their medical care due to lack of access to and limited understanding of their personal health information. The 21st Century Cures Act aims to bridge that gap by encouraging interoperability in healthcare IT and giving patients and providers easier access to patients’ pr

What is CRM?

In any business, establishing and maintaining customer relationships is the key to success. After all, without customers, you don’t have much of a business. In order to grow your healthcare business, you need to not only gain new patients, but you also need to retain existing clients as well as increase the services you provide. To accomplish growth, then, businesses need to find ways to be visible to prospective patients as well as remain visible to existing customers. This is the need that CR

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