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Legal Sports Betting Supported By Massachusetts Senate Majority

Massachusetts sports betting bills have seen support by the state House and Governor Charlie Baker. However, the Massachusetts Senate remains silent on the topic and no proposed bills are passing the finish line. A recent survey was conducted by the State House News Service (SHNS) and polled all 40 Massachusetts senators. The survey showed that the majority of the senate supports legalizing sports betting. Massachusetts sports betting has been a frustrating issue among lawmakers in the state.

What is the Cures Act of 2021?

What is the Cures Act of 2021? When it comes to medical care, both providers and patients have a big part to play in achieving a successful patient journey. Patients have historically been at a disadvantage in taking control of their medical care due to lack of access to and limited understanding of their personal health information. The 21st Century Cures Act aims to bridge that gap by encouraging interoperability in healthcare IT and giving patients and providers easier access to patients’ pr

Why is it legal for your employer to ask about your COVID vaccine status?

Why is it legal for your employer to ask about your COVID vaccine status? With the COVID-19 vaccine becoming widely available, and many employers beginning to require workforce members to be vaccinated, questions have surfaced about why employers are permitted to ask about an employee’s COVID vaccine status without violating HIPAA regulations. To answer this question, we’ll first take a look at what the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) Privacy Rule applies to

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