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Red Sox VS. Yankees: Opening Day After Debated Lockout Conclusion

After a 99-day stand-still during the Major League Baseball lockout, Opening Day 2022 is scheduled for April 7. The Boston Red Sox will face the New York Yankees in the season’s first game. MLB’s lockout ended on Thursday, March 10, after MLB and Major League Baseball Player’s Union (MLBPA) finally reached an agreement. Sports betting in Massachusetts is currently illegal. However, politicians and officials have spoken out heavily about its potential in the state, especially during major sport

Looking At The Man On The Sidelines: Coach Earl Grant's First Year

After an overtime loss to Georgia Tech earlier this month, the Boston College Eagles have finished their first season under new head coach, Earl Grant. It is currently illegal to place a sports bet in Massachusetts, which means Eagles fans in the state must go elsewhere. This is unfortunate for BC’s fanbase, as this past season was better than expected. Boston College was anticipated to finish the conference at the bottom with no ACC wins, just like they had under Jim Christian. As the first

The New England Patriots And "Padding"

Studying opponents’ plays is a gross simplification of the “padding” method. The term refers to the labor-intensive process of watching past all-22 game videos of opposing teams and recording detailed diagrams of each depicted play on paper. Arguably the most passionate NFL coach in history when it comes to the practice is New England Patriots head coach, Bill Belichick. He holds his staff to a strict regime of regular padding sessions. Coach Belichick wants every possible detail, from every si

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Sports Betting Revenue Would Drop In New Hampshire On MA Move

As Massachusetts moves ever closer to allowing sports betting, the impact on gambling revenue in New Hampshire could be substantial. New Hampshire could take a hit if MA launches sports betting. During the last week of April, there was some progress for legal sports betting in Massachusetts. The MA Senate passed an amended version of a sports betting bill that could legalize betting on sports in the Bay State. Some MA lawmakers hope to see sports betting launch as early as January 2023. With u

Massachusetts Gaming Commission Orders Study On Legal Sports Betting

The Social and Economic Impacts of Gambling in Massachusetts (SEIGMA) research team will soon conduct a study into legal sports betting and its possible impacts on the state. The Massachusetts Gaming Commission (MGC) has ordered the study in hopes that findings will sway Massachusetts lawmakers into legalizing sports betting in Massachusetts. While the Massachusetts senate has mainly remained disinterested in the topic. The state’s House of Representatives favors legalizing sports betting in M

Connecticut Mohegan Sun and Foxwoods Revenue Increases In October

October brought in significant revenue winnings for Connecticut casinos this year. Beating their revenue numbers for the same month in 2020 and 2019, a successful 2021 may indicate a post-pandemic return to normal for casinos in CT. After paying out the month’s prizes, the Mohegan Sun reported that it kept a total of $44.3 million in revenue from its slot machines. Jeff Hamilton, the president and general manager of Mohegan Sun, said, After a long period of reduced capacity for safety during

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